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Corporate Identity encompasses all aspects of your business that are directly and indirectly communicated onto every person it comes in contact with. Corporate Identity deals with the "look" of a company and is directly related to the visual design of its marketing materials, advertising and product packaging. It has been shown that a company with a consistent corporate identity is taken more seriously than when compared to a competitor that does not.

Art-D will deliver a powerful corporate identity design that will effectively convey the desired unique identity of your company. After discussing your needs and desires, our Marketing Professionals work closely with our graphic designers to create a well branded corporate identity package that will efficiently target desired demographics and markets. We consider all facets of design including a powerful logo design, consistent colour schemes, typography, wording and symbols in order to create a complete custom & professional brand identity. Take advantage of our affordably managed commercial printing services and get all your new marketing pieces put to paper.

The Brand Book

Brand consistency is an important part of a unified corporate image. Following a few simple rules will contribute to your coherent corporate identity and ultimately enhance your market credibility.

The Brand Book is intended to answer any questions you may have regarding logo placement, color selection and design choices. Adherence to the simple rules outlined in the Brand Book will promote a sense of consistency across both internal and external communications.